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Templates in Joomla are a powerful way to make your site look exactly the way you want.  A template controls the overall look and layout of a site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements.  You can use either a single template for the entire site or a separate template for each site section.  These examples are just a small sampling of what is possible, just about any look and feel can be accomplished with a customized template.

On top of it all you get the ease of management that Joomla! offers no matter what style you choose. Templates are managed with the Template Manager, which is located on the Extensions menu in the back-end (administrator) area of your site.

Take a look at some Joomla! template images to get some ideas - What you decide to do after that is up to you, and we will be there to see that you get it done!  

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The main template used throughout this site is a custom Joomla! template.  An array of some of our most popular templates can be previewed from the Sample Templates menu to the left. Selecting any of these will provide you with a working preview of this page rendered in the various template styles.

Also available and offered for preview are the three default Joomla! Templates, JA Purity, Beez and MilkyWay.   These generic templates offer the quickest and easiest entry into the world of Joomla.  They offer a relatively easy modification path to get you up and running quickly.  Of course a customized template can be created to precisely reflect your design goals.  Its all up to you - and Joomla CMS can get you there! 

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